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Bootstrapper Press Directory

Do you want to find places to talk about your product, but don't know where to start? I've created an Airtable database with over 90 websites and podcasts looking to feature stories from the bootstrapper community.

Bootstrapper Press Directory is an Airtable database that lists over 90 websites that accept cold pitches. Opportunities include podcast interviews, text based interviews, features and guest posts.

Save time and energy by submitting to the sites that are most likely to feature you. 

If you're looking for press coverage, then this is the resource that you need.

What do you get?

You will get sent a pdf that contains details about accessing the Airtable Database.

The database has separate tables for each type of press opportunity. Each listing includes:

  • The website name and URL

  • Niche category

  • Relevant contact information

  • The type of information they want

  • Website stats (where given)

There are 313 data points to help you make a super targeted pitch.

How does this save you time?

I’ve scoured hundreds of websites to discover the online publications that are most receptive to sharing stories from bootstrappers and entrepreneurs. I've either discovered the dedicated submission process or found the name of the relevant contact person. I've also cold emailed a number of these websites to ensure that you won't be wasting your time.

I've also included the type on information the website or publication wants. You wont have to spend hours going through a websites archives; you will instantly know if your story is relevant for them.

You will be paying less than $1 for each hour of research saved.

Who is Jade?

I currently run Bootstrapper Directory (https://bootstrapper.directory/). I've curated the journey of over 70 bootstrappers and founders. I've gone through hundreds of interviews researching these profiles. I've even created profiles based on the founders of interview sites. 

I've previously worked for bloggers, authors and infoproduct creators to help generate word of mouth for their products. I've also worked as a networking assistant, to help filter interview and guest post requests. Basically, I know what works - and what the websites want. My goal is to help you find the opportunities that work for you.

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Bootstrapper Press Directory

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